Why Casinos Hotels are Investing in Mobile and Smart-Room Tech More than Ever Before

During the height of the pandemic in 2020, casino hotels were quick to adopt mobile check-in procedures to protect their guests and staff, and adhere to social distancing guidelines. This huge push into mobile has also led hoteliers to search for better technology solutions to improve other areas of guest experience and hotel operations. Today, amidst labor shortages and the uncertain end of the pandemic, casinos are stepping up their technology initiatives, focusing on investments in new technologies that will provide a more modern guest experience, help improve operational efficiency and generate more revenue.

For casino hotels, it doesn’t slow down

Over the past year, casinos have been busy, especially regional casinos, whose holdings have seen a significant rise in local business. Amidst canceled flights and travel restrictions, vacationers have turned to regional casinos close to their homes, where they can avoid air travel, drive a short distance while enjoying a “vacation” experience. Regional casinos have also seen an influx of local gamblers – those who travel to Vegas twice a year but instead drive a few hours to regional casino hotels like our clients in Alabama, Washington, California and Minnesota to name a few.

INTELITY has partnered with several casino hotel customers over the past 18 months to integrate mobile check-in and room key with existing casino apps. Through these partnerships, we have noticed that casino hotels have the highest usage of mobile check-in and mobile key. This is partly due to the large volume of frequent guests. The pandemic and subsequent travel restrictions have prompted more guests to stay in casino hotels with an increasing frequency. We have seen many guests returning to the local casinos two or three times a month.

What mobile check-in technology and smart room technology really offer casino hoteliers

Mobile and tablet check-in in the smart room built into the casino hotel app can change the rules of the game. New or returning guests can check in via their mobile device from just about anywhere, completely skip the front desk and enjoy straight away. For casino hotels, providing an app that enables guests to easily check-in, access various amenities as well as access gaming capabilities through in-app purchase can give them a competitive advantage over other local hotspots.

The in-room smart tablet offers additional features, room controls, voice command capabilities, and the ability to easily communicate with guests. Using an in-room smart tablet, guests can control room lighting and temperature, access their favorite TV shows and movies, view all dining options, order food directly from their room, schedule spa treatments, and order room service. On-site promotional materials, dining options, and events can also be instantly updated. With tablets in smart rooms running a powerful guest experience platform, casino hotels can offer a level of personalization that not only enhances the guest experience but also increases revenue.

2022: the year of integration

In 2020, casino hotels, like all hospitality companies, needed contactless and paperless solutions immediately in order to survive the pandemic. Casino hoteliers are now looking for technology solutions that can improve the guest experience and provide them with the digital experience they expect. Tech investments for hotels, casinos and resorts are not slowing down. 2022 is the year to elevate your guests’ experience by bringing them the best in mobile and in-room technology.

If you’re interested in learning more about the capabilities of INTELITY’s comprehensive platform, start the conversation today.

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