What You Should Ask at Hotels

As more and more of us travel – and stay in hotels – there are some key questions you need to ask at the front desk before you accept your room key.

The first question should be how close your room is to the building. Every hotel is undergoing some form of renovation, and if you don’t ask this question, you may be staying in a jackhammer suite.

Next, you should know if your room is above the dance floor. No problem during the day, but at 2am they start throwing away all the empty liquor bottles from the party the night before.

And then there’s the wake-up call topic. Do not dial this call every hour. Pick an odd time like 6:37 AM or 7:18 AM, why? That’s because everyone dials 6 a.m. or 7 a.m., and you might get lost in the morning wake-up calls. But by requesting this break time, it means that the employee should actually write down the time you requested and they will not forget you.

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