What It’s Like to Stay at the Versace Mansion Hotel in Miami

For $864, I booked a room in October at The Villa Casa Casuarina, a luxury boutique hotel best known as Palazzo Versace.

The author sits on the bench in the Aurora Suite at the former Versace Palace

The writer is sitting in her bedroom suite.

Joey Haden / Inside

I stayed in the Aurora Suite on the third floor, which is one of only 10 suites in the entire hotel you can book and one of the most affordable, with prices starting at $750, according to the hotel’s website.

The door to the Aurora Suite in the former Palace of Versace

The doors of the Aurora Suite are closed.

Joey Haden / Inside

The designer’s bedroom was one of the most expensive suites. Gianni’s Master Suite starts at $1,500 per night and is described as “the most desirable room in South Florida,” and is frequented by celebrity clients.

Kim Kardashian stands in front of a mirror in one of Villa Casa Casuarina's suites.

Kim Kardashian stands in front of a mirror in one of Villa Casa Casuarina’s suites.

Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Source: The Villa Casa Casuarina

The hotel has a rich history as an elite host: The Spanish-style home, called Casa Casuarina when it was built in the 1930s, was a hot spot for the original owner’s Bohemian friends, according to the hotel’s website.

View outside the former Versace Palace

Exterior view of the Versace Palace.

Joey Haden / Inside

Its centerpiece was a king-size, four-poster bed topped with swans. The bed was soft, but firm – a perfect combination, in my opinion. I knew I was going to sleep a good night the moment I sat down.

A wide shot of the Aurora Suite in the former Versace Palace shows the golden bed with lamps on both sides

Bedroom side view from suite.

Joey Haden / Inside

Instead, the main source of lighting came from the lamps on the sleeping tables…

Night table with corded phone, lamp and alarm clock in the Aurora Suite in the former Palace of Versace

A nightstand on one side of the bed has a phone and remote control.

Joey Haden / Inside

Back in the main room, I found a TV and coffee maker installed in front of the bed. At home, I don’t have a TV in my bedroom. Watching shows until I fall asleep is a luxury I only allow on vacation.

Side by side photos show the Versace Palace coffee set

Amenities view coffee and tv.

Joey Haden / Inside

I realized that if you wanted to get away from the bustle below, the observatory is the best place to do it. I could clearly hear the nightlife going on in my suite until 1am, but I didn’t mind. I thought it was just part of the Miami experience.

View outside the former Versace Palace at night

View of the palace before the author receives the night.

Joey Haden / Inside

Villa Casa Casuarina did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment on the noise level.

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