Travellers from South Africa required to quarantine in hotels

GGD Kennemerland said anyone who tested positive for coronavirus among the nearly 600 travelers who returned from South Africa would be required to quarantine in a hotel. It only concerned passengers who had departed on two KLM planes from South Africa before the Netherlands implemented a flight ban from that country, but who landed in the Netherlands after the announcement on Friday.

“The isolation period in the hotel will last seven days for people with symptoms,” the spokesperson said. It will be five days for those who do not show symptoms, and those who do not show symptoms during the quarantine period. Test results are still not available at 9:15 PM

The hotel or hotels involved are not known. “It is already clear that security will be there,” the spokesman said.

Travelers will receive their coronavirus test results over the course of the evening. If they test positive for SARS-CoV-2 infection, further investigations are needed to determine if it is a new, presumably more contagious, variant that has spread in South Africa. This research is conducted by Erasmus University or Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam.

Those in quarantine will have to wait for the second result. All other travelers from the two planes must self-quarantine at home, even if they get a negative test result.

GGD Kennemerland is responsible for testing travelers in Schiphol. Passengers of the two planes, which landed shortly after each other, were separated from the other passengers at the airport.

One of the planes arrived from Cape Town and landed in Schiphol at about 10:30 am. The other flight, from Johannesburg, arrived at around 11am

It’s rare for people to be forced to stay in a hotel, especially when they have their own home here in the Netherlands. In October 2020, a quarantine hotel was set up in Haren, Groningen for asylum seekers infected with the coronavirus. At that time they were staying in one of the centers for asylum seekers in the three northern provinces of the country. A group of older Dutch people were also trapped in a quarantine hotel on the Italian island of Sardinia for an extended period last month.

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