The Luxury Perfumes Inspired By A Stay At A Great Hotel

As co-founders of global beauty brand Fresh, it’s safe to say that Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg know a thing or two about fragrances. Sugar Lemon, Honeysuckle, and other fragrances of the line are legendary things.

Their latest foray as a hotelier has taken them in a new direction together. The duo is behind The Maker, a chic boutique hotel in Hudson, New York that has already captured the most weary travelers. Comprising 11 rooms, it contains a destination café and restaurant and features art and crafts pieces from both local and international artisans. He’s just as elegant and adorable as Liv and Alina themselves.

Now, they’re returning to their roots with a collection of six gender-neutral scents meant to evoke the experience of staying at a great hotel. One is better than the next: Stag is rich and clean with notes of grapefruit and incense, fire is smoked with tobacco accord, and Nude is light and romantic, I can go on.

Instead, I’ll let Lev speak. My last interview with him is as follows:

After several years in the beauty business and as the founders of Fresh, which has become and continues to be a reputable beauty brand, why did you decide to start a hotel?

Alina and I love to travel, and have been lucky enough to visit places all over the world. With an innate curiosity and passion for creativity, we have recognized for many years that there is a white space in the hospitality industry. We have always loved and valued design, we wanted to share with the world our unique sensibility and perspective. Hospitality gives us the opportunity to create special experiences that evolve into a lifestyle brand.

What is the concept of ownership? What are you trying to achieve?

To create an inspiring guest experience in an intimate environment with our distinct bohemian sensibility. Our style celebrates a different era of art and design, and we’ve partnered with international and local artisans and craftsmen to achieve a highly curated space. So in the end, our guest visits the Maker, very impressed, and wants to bring our style home with them. This is why we see ourselves as more than just a hospitality brand, but a lifestyle where everything can be shopped.

The hotel is Hudson. Why did you choose to open there? What do you find so attractive about a destination?

Hudson is a very special destination. It is rich with diverse makers from all walks of life – artisans, craftsmen, artists and designers. Coupled with being a city, in a beautiful setting, surrounded by farms, the Catskills. It’s also two hours from New York City, where you can hop on a train at Penn Station and take a scenic ride on the Hudson River without a car. Not only near the city, but it is also centrally located in the Northeast, on the MA and CT border and close to VT.

How did the hotel inspire perfume?

The collection is based on The Maker Hotel’s travel fantasies, such as liberation, excitement, connection, love and trust. The power of fragrance is the ability to transport you. Our goal is to reflect the vibrant spirit of our spaces in fragrances.

What made you decide to return to beauty?

My entry into beauty was driven by my passion for perfume. At Fresh, fragrance has always been central, creating a sensory experience with each product.

With The Maker, I had the opportunity to imagine fragrances that would fit into this new world we created, which is very different from Fresh. It has been full circle as I have been able to focus on my initial passion for perfume paired with this new venture.

In what way does The Maker’s fragrances reflect the personality of The Maker Hotel?

These fragrances are very sophisticated, complex, modern and unique. It’s like our spaces. Our guests always pick up on the different details of the design, and they try to compare it to where they’ve been on their travels, but always say it’s never seen before.

Describe the personality of the person wearing each scent.

We have an inspiration behind every scent, imagining different characters in every story, but in the end all of our fragrances include both genders. Anyone interested can explore and place each scent. We say that the maker of every perfume is the one who wears it. They make the scent come alive, which is very individual.

Speaking of character, tell me who is The Maker Hotel for? Couples looking for a romantic getaway? families?

The Maker has a diverse clientele – it’s for anyone looking for a special, coordinated experience on their travels. We have couples, families and single travelers so it attracts a real eclectic mix of guests.

Autumn and winter are a great time to visit the region. Tell us about your perfect weekend getaway during these seasons which includes a stay at The Maker.

For art history, architecture, and interiors, I love Olana, and fall is the best time of year to visit. For art, school and omi art, which is art mixed with nature. Of course, there are great stores on Warren Street that sell furnishings and lighting from different periods. Besides The Maker are some great local restaurants, including Bartlett House, our sister residence and first hospitality venture, bakery and kitchen in nearby Ghent.


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