The digitization process of Mexican hotels advances

MERIDA (Mexico), Nov. 19 (EFE). The digitization of the Mexican independent hotels of the big chains continues to advance, as was revealed Friday at the conclusion of the tourism fair that took place this week in Mérida (Yucatan).

The Minister of Tourism, Miguel Turco, sees digitization as necessary to strengthen the independent hotel sector and improve everything related to operations, marketing and sales to promote the Mexican brand globally.

During the conclusion of the Mérida Tourist Fair (Yucatan) on Friday, the most important in the sector in Mexico, Gueest announced that it had concluded agreements with hotel establishments and associations to digitize its operations, said its general manager Faustino Martinez.

Gueest is a cutting edge technology platform that provides independent hospitality with a unique solution that allows the operation and marketing of hotel services of any size.

Torruco highlighted that digitizing hotels is a need for small and medium-sized hosting companies to promote, market and distribute their products on social platforms and networks.

“Digital transformation is urgent in the Mexican hotel sector for all independent companies not linked to large chains,” Martinez added.

During Tianguis Turístico de Mérida, it was shown that 92% of customers inquire online before booking their room, while 72% of guests buy at least one hotel room online.

However, independent hotels have a low level of digitization, which makes their promotion and international appeal difficult.

Last September, the Minister of Tourism announced a digitization plan with the participation of companies Google, Gueest, Despegar and Rotamundos, which cater to independent hotels to carry out all their operations digitally.

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