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Are you expecting family and friends to come home to Kansas City for the holidays and New Years Eve? Consider hosting a dinner in a hotel to entertain guests rather than accumulating a large amount of food at home.

Think of it as a personal vacation from the typical vacation planning, cooking, and cleaning entertainment.

Kansas City is home to a host of hotels with great dining options that range from comfort food to classic fare to sensual delights worth splurge on. Hosts and guests can enjoy and enjoy sumptuous food and drinks and even get a good night’s rest at these destinations.

Kansas City Hotel

Company Town at the Kansas City Hotel

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The Town Company at a Kansas City hotel was recently named Restaurant of the Year by Kansas City Magazine.

Kansas City Hotel It offers two unforgettable experiences under one roof. city ​​company It showcases the culinary talent of Executive Chef Johnny Leach and Executive Pastry Chef Helen Jo Leach. This husband and wife team source ingredients from small local farms to create dishes that reflect Midwestern roots with a modern twist. Kansas City magazine recently recognized Town as Restaurant of the Year.

NighthawkNew basement bar and lounge in the hotel looks like the basement bar of your dreams. After dinner, gather friends and family and enjoy the laid-back Nighthawk atmosphere, dynamic music and simple food at the bar from Chef Johnny Leach. Check out a Highball machine, frozen cocktails, and Kansas City music memorabilia.

Los Kansas City Hotel

The Stilwell in Loews Kansas City

Los Kansas City Hotel


The interior of the Loews Kansas City Hotel is large and bold, with practically the energy of a big city. Inside you’ll find The Stilwell, where chef Patrick LeBeau serves up classic American dinners with Midwestern staples.

in a Los Kansas City HotelYou won’t come across the sober ballrooms and faded restaurants that epitomized earlier decades of hotel accommodation. Loews’ interior space is big and bold, practically bursting with big-city energy.

Inside this dazzling setting, chef Patrick Lebow in Stillwell It serves classic American fare with Midwestern staples—fried chicken, pork shoulder, and portion sirloin—and more adventurous fare, like gnocchi with duck sausage and turnip and mushroom lasagna.

The restaurant takes its name from Arthur Stilwell, an eccentric visionary and railroad pioneer who created the Stilwell Oyster that enabled fresh oysters to be shipped from the East Coast and Gulf Coast through the Midwest. Stilwell, Kansas, Stilwell, Oklahoma, and Port Arthur, Texas are all named after ol’ Art.

Admire stunning views of downtown Kansas City from our bar and lounge while sipping a cocktail, cocktail, wine or beer and feeling like a million bucks.

Hotel Raphael

Chazz in the Plaza at Christmas

Chazz in the plaza


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From small family gatherings to larger groups, Chaz on the Plaza at the Raphael Hotel can host guests in an elegant setting just steps from the Country Club Plaza.

Hotel RaphaelHome to Chaz on the Plaza, it offers an enchanting dining experience led by Executive Chef Shawn Hartwig. From small family gatherings to larger groups, Chazz in the plaza You can host guests in an elegant setting opposite the main entrance to the hotel and the Country Club Plaza.

Indulge in familiar dishes with a twist like macaroni and cheese loaded with a slice of slow-cooked smoked beef. Calm the soul with lobster chowder and savor the appetizers that will make Chef Gordon Ramsey’s heart flutter.

Don’t miss out on live jazz musicians and singers performing throughout the month, including Tim Reed Jr., Brian Hicks Duo, Emily Dix, and the swinging voices of Baby J Duo. These artists support a Kansas City musical tradition that will add class and a bit of fun to your holiday celebrations.

The Savoy at 21c

The Savoy at 21c

Immerse yourself in the history of Kansas City and the lush furnishings adorned with stained-glass windows at The Savoy at 21c.

The Savoy at 21c Honors the rich history of the now-existing restaurant in a fully renovated, modern boutique hotel experience in the heart of downtown Kansas City.

Step into the lounge and settle into the lounge for a cocktail or glass of wine. Immerse yourself in the history of Kansas City, the lush furnishings adorned with stained-glass windows, cozy booths, and a bar that invites you to leave your problems behind.

After a drink, the elegant dining room offers guests an upscale experience. The room and surrounding hallways feature Art Nouveau, adding a touch of culture and ambiance to the evening.

Chef Brandon Brumback and his team prepare seasonal dishes with plenty of options to please palates. Breakfast, lunch, cocktail hour, and dinner menus include dishes like salmon, local Campo Lindo chicken, the humble smash burger, Maine scallops, and tempting desserts.

Philips Hotel

Philips Hotel

Adri Gower


Philips Hotel

First opened in 1931, the historic Phillips Hotel is a must-do for its lavish decor that includes an 11-foot-tall sculpture of the Dawn Goddess in the lobby.

Historic hotel first opened in 1931, Philips Hotel A must-see with its lavish décor that includes an 11-foot-high sculpture of the Goddess of Dawn in the lobby.

Hotels Tavernona Italian Kitchen It celebrates Italian food, wine and cocktails. Dishes include warm tomato focaccia, nonna meatballs, seafood rice, and pappardelle carbonara with homemade pancetta and egg yolk cream, as well as hearty appetizers including pork osso buco and fried chicken parmigiana. Relax in the evening with cocktails in the hotel’s sumptuous basement PS Speakeasy.

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