Taiwan Tourism Bureau warns quarantine hotels against Lunar New Year price hikes | Taiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – After announcing the updated “7+7” quarantine rules for fully vaccinated travelers, some hotels were reported to have raised prices as patrons tried to arrange short stays, prompting a warning from the Tourism Bureau.

The tourism office said in a press release that since the government has already provided subsidies to cover the costs of cleaning and disinfecting quarantine hotels, operators should not pass on COVID-19 prevention costs or administrative costs and raise prices for accommodations. They should not unreasonably raise prices when beneficiaries try to shorten their stay to fit the 7+7 quarantine program as well.

The bureau added that it would adjust related subsidy policies so that quarantine hotels found guilty of price increases would not be eligible to apply for subsidies. However, to help ease the pressure and costs of having to rearrange reservations, the tourism office is also planning to increase subsidies to quarantine hotel operators under the 7+7 scheme from NT$1,000 (US$36) to NT$1,500 per room per day between December 3rd. . February 14 and 24.

Should any dispute arise, the tourism office said consumers should contact local governments to resolve it in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. In addition, on November 11, the bureau launched its “Quarantine hotel search platform,” which provides publicly listed information on quarantine hotels and room availability between December 14 and January 31.

Lunar New Year is one of the most important extended holidays in Taiwan, during which many people travel home from abroad or across different parts of the country. This time, the holiday falls between January 31 and February 5.

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