S Hotels & Resorts collaborates with Phuket Marine Biological Center to “Save Our Sharks”

The Marine Discovery Center will nurture the bamboo sharks in the shark nursery pond, before releasing them back into their natural habitat.

The S Hotels & Resorts Marine Discovery Centers are interactive hubs designed to educate guests and local residents about the importance of environmental conservation.

The Phuket Marine Biology Center will entrust the care of the bamboo shark eggs to the Marine Discovery Center on Sai Phi Phi Island Village.

Bangkok, Thailand – S PCLE Hotels & Resorts, the global hospitality company from Singha Estate PCL, continues to advance the marine conservation agenda by launching an important new collaboration with Phuket Marine Biology Center (PMBC) breeding, nurturing and releasing bamboo sharks in southern Thailand.

hosted by Naval Discovery Center At SAii Phi Phi Island Village, a freestyle lifestyle resort on the idyllic island of Koh Phi Phi, the new SOS (Save Our Sharks) program will see S Hotels & Resorts work alongside experts from PMBC. Together, they will oversee every stage of the bamboo shark’s development, from incubating and nurturing the eggs in the resort’s shark nursery pond, to returning the young to their natural habitat.

This is the latest in a series of campaigns led by the Marine Discovery Center, an innovative facility that serves as the nerve center for the environmental efforts of the island village of Sai Phi Phi. Featuring indoor and outdoor viewing areas, video rooms, and aquariums, this interactive center provides a fascinating window into the underwater world and drives key projects such as coral spread, mangrove cultivation, breeding and release programs for local fauna.

The Marine Discovery Center will nurture the bamboo sharks in the shark nursery pond, before releasing them back into their natural habitat.

Dirk de KuiperThe CEO of S Hotels & Resorts said: “We are proud to join forces with the Phuket Marine Biological Center on this important project. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) classifies bamboo sharks as “vulnerable,” so the SOS program will play an important role in protecting key species. This forms part of our company’s pledge to the planet, which is guided by our support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially SDG 14, “Life Underwater,” which focuses on the world’s oceans, seas and rivers.

The Marine Discovery Centers at Sai Phi Island Village and Sai Lagoon Maldives play a critical role in preserving underwater ecosystems and protecting wildlife. Led by resident marine biologists, they also educate our guests and local residents of our communities about the importance of conservation. We look forward to collaborating with our friends and colleagues at PMBC to save bamboo sharks in southern Thailand,” Mr. de Kuiper added.

Doctor. Kongkiat KittiwatanawongThe Director of the Phuket Marine Biology Center commented: “Our center has trusted the ability and expertise of Singha Estate in terms of protecting marine life considering the company’s experiences from previous projects. Besides, the company has hired several marine scientists and staff at the Marine Discovery Center, who have capabilities to nurture bamboo shark eggs until they are young.”

S Hotels & Resorts and Singha Estate have collaborated on several successful marine conservation campaigns. The ‘Phi Phi Is Changing’ project aims to solve the problem of coral bleaching, while ‘Toh Wai Wai’ helps release clown fish, spread coral and mangroves in Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park. In addition, a new partnership with Kasetsart University is using drones to monitor and photograph coral reefs in the area. Earlier this year, the Marine Discovery Center in the island village of Sai Phi Phi rescued and rehabilitated the injured bamboo shark and lionfish.

In the Maldives, coral-breeding efforts by the Marine Discovery Center team at Sai Lagoon Maldives have resulted in a tenfold expansion of local reefs, and the return of hawksbill sea turtles, scalloped hammerhead sharks and glass wedge fish to the area. A pregnant olive ridley sea turtle was also found ashore in 2020 – the first recorded sighting of this species nesting in the Maldives.

S Hotels and Resorts has committed to eliminating single-use plastic, reducing waste, recycling water, and championing the use of sustainable and biodegradable products. With so many initiatives underway, it is no surprise that the group has won numerous awards, including the title of “Green Leadership” at the 2020 Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards. SAii Phi Phi Island Village was the “Marine & Nature” winner in Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) UK Awards responsible for Thailand 2020, while Santiburi Koh Samui has been awarded the ‘Gold Level’ for the 2020-2021 Green Hotel Award – the only resort in Samui to achieve this level out of over 100 hotels has been submitted.

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