RO plants to hotels, water at 35 spots in Ghaziabad fail safety test | Noida News

Ghaziabad: Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bhavtosh Shenkhar wrote to the district administration after water samples collected from at least 35 establishments, including reverse osmosis plants and hotels, failed to test safety standards. Water sampling tests were conducted by the Ministry of Health, in a joint operation with various civil bodies, between September and October across the region.
Nearly 80 of a total of 325 water samples collected by the regional public health lab this year since January, officials said, have failed the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) test, indicating that drinking water contains E. coli bacteria.
“E-coli that causes dysentery and other stomach ailments has been found in the water of 15 RO from water suppliers and 18 hotels in the city. RO waterworks are providing water to thousands of homes. Further action will be taken by the department,” said district monitoring officer Dr. R. K. Gupta. Adding that the Ministry of Health will continue the exercise in the coming days, he said, “Apart from stomach ailments, the use of this water is not good for the skin.”
Dr. Gupta added that about 200 samples were collected during the two-month special trip. Health Ministry officials have now ramped up testing at various schools, residential communities, restaurants, and suppliers of reverse osmosis water. In September, some prominent schools in Indirapuram and Raj Nagar, collective housing associations and some reverse osmosis water suppliers providing water to homes and restaurants in the city failed a hydrogen sulfide test.
Experts said that one of the main causes of water pollution is the mixing of drinking water with sewage water through faults in the respective pipelines.


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