Lagos moves to ensure safety compliance in hotels

The Lagos state government has said it will intervene in the hospitality industry to ensure that hotels in the state comply with safety practices.

The Director General of the Lagos State Safety Commission, Mr. Lanri Mugola, said this Thursday during a stakeholder forum on hotel safety, on Victoria Island.

He said: “Hotels never close and they are places one visits to get an experience one cannot get at home, hence there is a need to educate stakeholders on safe hotel practices, ensure proper cooperation and coordination of business activities within the sector and provide stakeholders with relevant information on any risks to their health and safety.

“As safety professionals, our eyes are on training to identify and manage these hazards. This includes conducting risk assessments such as monitoring stranded wires, valves entering the building, a broken chair, or unsuitable atmospheres.”

The head of the college, OSHversity, Mr Ehi Iden, noted that many accidents in hotels could be prevented by conducting audits of hotels and equipment in them.

Accidents commonly associated with hotels include musculoskeletal disorders, food poisoning, drowning, electrocution, and fire accidents. This is why there is a need to conduct an audit and inspection of hotels in the state, especially since Lagos has the largest number of hotels,” said Eden.

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