Extended-stay hotel brand Hyatt House comes to Africa

Hyatt Hotels Corporation is celebrating the debut of another brand on the continent, with the launch of a 62-room property in an upscale Johannesburg neighborhood.

The Hayat House flag continues to spread around the world with remarkable speed.

Attractive location in Johannesburg

The newly opened Hyatt House Johannesburg Sandton marks the beginning of the much-anticipated brand in Africa. Owned by a subsidiary of Millat Properties, this contemporary and attractive 62 room property is ideally located in the leafy Sandton neighborhood.

From here, visitors can easily reach Sandton City Shopping Center and Nelson Mandela Square, both known for their exciting dining and lifestyle spots. With this area popular with travelers and locals alike, guests of the new Hyatt House will feel as if they are part of Johannesburg’s social scene from the day they arrive.

Hamza Farooqi, CEO of Millat Group, said: “Opening a hotel in the current global economic climate is not for the faint of heart, but I am determined that in times of adversity, there is ample opportunity. In the case of South Africa, when it comes to business and leisure tourism – in what we hope will be a post-pandemic environment – this facility will become an important symbol of renewed local and regional economic growth.

“Our investment is a manifestation of the group’s central operating philosophy based on strong belief and optimism in the bright future of the African continent. We are particularly proud of the property itself. Hyatt House Johannesburg Sandton offers modern and spacious rooms and apartments that allow guests to feel at home in one of the most important economic centers In South Africa “.

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Home away from home in Johannesburg

The property features the kind of attractive facilities that travelers increasingly come to expect on the road. The Commons and Outdoor Commons provide ample space to relax, meet friends or get work done in a social setting, while Medley Restaurant and H Bar offer healthy meals and delicious meals designed to keep their guests energized. Meanwhile, in the 24-hour H Market, travelers can find snacks and snacks, and the gym provides a place for them to stay in shape.

“The Life of House Sandton is what the name stands for – a welcoming and warm environment that encourages guests to live like the residents,” said hotel manager Atif Soliman.

“We want every guest who comes through our doors to feel they can let their real-life routines roll, even when they’re on the road. Whether guests are visiting on a short trip or an extended stay, we know Hyatt House Johannesburg Sandton is the ideal place to deliver a customized hotel experience that makes Everyone feels at home.”

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