Dubai EDITION Opens As… E Hotel Dubai?!?

EDITION is Marriott’s modern luxury hotel brand, which is growing at a healthy pace. We learned that EDITION Dubai was supposed to open in late 2021. Well, the hotel will open this week, but it won’t be known as EDITION Dubai… for now.

What is E Hotel Dubai?

E Hotel Dubai is accepting reservations for stays effective November 15, 2021. This can be booked on the Marriott website, but does not appear to belong to any particular Marriott brand. Instead, it was just described as an “E-Hotel, operated by Marriott International”.

The photos on the hotel website are also weird, and it looks like someone just took them with an iPhone without editing, rather than the usual professionally taken photos.

E Hotel Dubai . room

So what exactly is happening here? This is the property that was meant to be EDITION Dubai. Now there are only plans to open the property as a release in the future, when it meets brand standards. Per statement from the hotel:

“The hotel will open in the future as Dubai EDITION when it meets the brand’s standards and requirements.”

I am somewhat intrigued. I’ve stayed in several newly opened hotels that seemed to not have everything in operation yet, so I can’t help but wonder what exactly is wrong with the property that will be temporarily marketed as something else, until it meets the standards and requirements especially during the Expo. 2020? How big are the flaws here? Is it a self service hotel? Are there no doors on the rooms? Is this an active building area, and guests must wear hard hats?

Of course even though the hotel doesn’t meet the standards, that doesn’t stop Marriott from making it a Class 8 Bonvoy property, the highest award class. So you can expect to pay up to 100,000 Bonvoy Points per night for properties that don’t even belong to any Marriott brand.

What should we expect from the Dubai edition?

The Dubai EDITION will be located in Downtown Dubai, opposite the Dubai Mall. The hotel will feature 275 rooms and suites, several food and beverage outlets, a swimming pool, spa, fitness center, and meeting space.

E Hotel is located in Downtown Dubai

The hotel is described as “boutique”. Personally, I don’t consider a 275 room hotel a boutique, but I realize that everyone has different definitions.

Aside from these basic facts, there isn’t much that we know about the drug yet. Marriott’s luxury footprint in Dubai is certainly expanding, with two St. Regis hotels recently opening in Downtown and on The Palm.


E Hotel Dubai will open soon, and will be operated by Marriott, but not under any specific brand. This is what the Dubai version is supposed to be, although the hotel apparently isn’t up to standards yet, and will open as a version sometime in the future.

Marriott doesn’t exactly have the strictest brand standards, so one can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with this property that’s opening as a different brand temporarily.

What do you think of the opening of this strange hotel? Any theories about how bad things are to justify temporary branding?

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