Comfort Inn by the Bay, San Francisco Announces Partnership with Tradewater to Offset the Hotel’s Carbon Footprint and Establishes Program Enabling Guests to Do the Same for Their Travel to the San Francisco Bay Area

San FranciscoAnd November 18 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Comfort Inn by the Bay San Francisco, franchisee of Choice Hotels International, Inc. , recently entered into a partnership with Tradewater to become the first hotel in San Francisco To provide guests with a voluntary carbon offset program while offsetting the hotel’s carbon footprint.

Tradewater’s easy-to-use Carbon Footprint Calculator allows guests to offset emissions from their travel to Comfort Inn by the Bay by purchasing high-impact carbon offsets. These offsets are created through Tradewater’s work collecting and destroying old refrigerants that are 10,900 times more effective than carbon dioxide. The resulting environmental benefit is measured by the carbon offsets that guests can purchase, thus “offsetting” the emissions from their travel.

Guests can visit Comfortinnbythebay/ to access Tradewater’s easy-to-use carbon footprint calculator and calculate emissions from their trip.

In addition to guest access to the calculator, Comfort Inn by the Bay San Francisco has partnered with Tradewater to determine the carbon footprint generated by the hotel’s day-to-day operations. The hotel is currently offsetting those emissions to meet its sustainability commitments.

“We are always looking for ways to help our environment, and our efforts with Tradewater will directly impact the San Francisco social communication,” Frank Grove, said the general manager of the Comfort Inn by the Bay. “We are pleased to be the first hotel in San Francisco To partner with an organization like Tradewater to offset carbon emissions.”

Purchased carbon credits directly support Tradewater’s work in collecting and destroying the world’s most potent greenhouse gases. Tradewater focuses on legacy refrigerants that are 10,000 times more effective than CO2. Collecting and destroying these gases prevents their release into the atmosphere. This is a key strategy to combat climate change, and with increased access through the Comfort Inn through the Bay’s partnership with Tradewater, travelers can now easily support it.

About Tradewater

Tradewater’s mission is to improve our environment and create economic opportunity by collecting, controlling and destroying powerful, high-impact greenhouse gases. Tradewater creates, develops and implements high-value projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These projects lead to a measurable and verifiable environmental impact and economic benefits. Tradewater believes that companies committed to cleaning up the environment can be just as successful – if not more – than a company that achieves its goals regardless of environmental impact. To find out more, visit


Frank Grove, General Manager, Comfort Inn by the Bay, email: [email protected]
Phone number 1.415.928.500

Elisa DalCommunications Manager, Tradewater, Email: [email protected]
Phone number 1.425.387.8854

Source Comfort Inn By the Bay


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