Best Hotels in New York City

New York City hotels are some of the most expensive in the world. And no place offers an easier or more accessible lodging option than the Big Apple. With literally hundreds of New York City hotels in operation today, finding the best deal on a room can be overwhelming. There is no question that staying in a New York City hotel can be extremely expensive. But with so many options for finding affordable New York City hotels, you should be able to find one that meets your budget while still providing you with exceptional service.

If you are looking for the best New York City hotels for your family vacation, consider going to the Upper West Side or Broadway through Central Park. These hotels offer fantastic rates starting at around $400 per night for a good place to start when planning a family vacation. The Upper West Side is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan near the Broadway theater. During the peak season, the rates can increase dramatically. But even during off-peak seasons, you will still find inexpensive hotel rates starting at around the same price as the fancier hotels.

For those who prefer an easy going, family friendly New York City hotel, then you may want to consider a hotel in Gramercy Park. Just blocks from Wall Street, the Gramercy Park Hotel is an elegant historic hotel that is still run efficiently today. Many of the original features of this elegant hotel are still in place such as a beautiful courtyard and heated outdoor pool. The hotels proximity to high end shops and restaurants makes it ideal for families. It is also conveniently close to many of the popular New York City attractions including the New York State Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History, the Rose Center for Mental Health and Wellness, and the American Film Institute.

For a slightly lower cost than the uptown hotel, you might want to check availability details for the southern end of Manhattan. The cheapest rates starting at around $300 per night are on the upper west side near Borroughs and Prospect Parks. Just remember to check availability details for the hotel before booking. Some hotels also have an off site parking facility for those traveling on foot. Be aware of parking fees in the area. There are plenty of garages in the area, but parking can be expensive in some areas.

Are you a health conscious person looking for that New York City hotel that offers a fitness center? Then the Bronx Zoo and Greenmount Park are two locations you will want to check out. At both of these locations you can get full room discounts along with daily shuttle service to the Bronx Zoo and Staten Island Ferry. And you can save money by watching your favorite sports at the zoo. But do not forget that admission tickets to the Bronx Zoo are expensive.

If you are visiting the Big Apple on a budget, then you may want to check out the many discount New York City hotels located in and around Times Square. The most affordable rates starting at around $150 per night are on the upper levels of Times Square between 47th and 52nd Street. There are also a couple of hotels on 53rd Street near the corner of Wall Street. These discount hotels offer great views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building. On top of all these affordable prices, you can also take advantage of daily shuttle service to the subway and buses located nearby.

If you are in the mood for something a little more upscale, then head to the higher price ranges of New York City hotels on the Upper East Side. These include hotels like the Waldorf-Astoria, Fort Hunter and Hotel Chelsea. While you are at the hotel, make sure you check out the available discounts and package deals offered from the concierge. These deals can save you up to 60% off regular room rates. In addition, you can try to book an off-season stay, which will help you enjoy even lower room rates starting at around $150 per night.

Whatever your budget may be, there is a good chance that a good New York city hotel can accommodate you. But remember that when it comes to the best New York hotels, the best place to start is with the Internet. There are many online travel services that offer discounted hotel rates and packages to all the major cities of the United States. You will need to consider your budget, your number of people in your family and the activities and attractions that you will be doing while you are visiting New York City before making a decision. And remember that if you are traveling with young children, then you must check out the activities and amenities offered at the specified locations and times of year.

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