Best Boutique Hotels That Offer Local Charm and World-Class Hospitality

Overwhelmed by all the hotel options on your next trip? Here’s a good suggestion: start by narrowing it down to the best boutique hotels in your destination. Of all the different categories of hotels out there, boutique hotels have a unique viewpoint – usually local, since they aren’t standard properties like big-name brands.

Moreover, the word “boutique” can mean many things, from an emphasis on design to ultra-luxury to local BnB-style hospitality. So, on your next vacation, browsing the store is likely to yield something suitable for your taste and budget level.

There are different ideas about what size a hotel could have been before it became a ’boutique’. This is because after a certain point, large properties cannot offer their guests an elegant and glamorous boutique experience. This isn’t a blow to the big properties – it just means they’re in a different class. Today, we’re focusing on 10 of our favorite boutique hotels, with a range of rooms from eight to 129.

Sure, it’s impossible to call any 10 hotels the “best boutique hotels in the world”, but we think this is a pretty good list. Note the range of offerings, then note the common denominator among all ten properties: a charming ambiance, a local viewpoint, and world-class hospitality.

1. His whereabouts, Todos Santos

Baja California Sur, Mexico

The magical Mexican town of Todos Santos lies halfway between the holiday terminal of Cabo San Lucas and the capital, La Paz (also known as the Aquarium of the World). A slow-paced surfer’s paradise has a new allure: Paradero, an experience-driven 35-suite wellness retreat with beautiful contrasts of concrete and cactus. Baradero is set against five distinct ecosystems: the cactus-infested Kardon Desert, undeveloped Pacific beaches, the Sierra La Laguna mountain range, an oasis of 5,000 thick palms, and sprawling farmland, all with less than 355 days of sun exposure. area every year. Wellness spaces are inspired by secret watering holes found across mountain ranges, offering sound healing and Tamazcal ceremonies, among other rituals. Leading the culinary wing, Chef Eduardo Rios puts his Pujol-trained view into each delicious dish, with all ingredients grown or locally sourced (including 12 different peppers to power the dishes). It is the first hotel from the company that plans to expand to “unpolluted destinations” across Mexico.

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