Barrows Hotel Enterprises starts offering commercial asset-based financing to hotels

Barrows Hotel Enterprises begins offering asset-based lending to hotels

Barrows Trade Finance for Hotels

Barrows Trade Finance for Hotels

Barrows Trade Finance for Hotels

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, November 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Barrows, a provider of hotel investment and advisory services for hotels in the Middle East and Africa, has begun offering asset-based trade financing to distressed hotels.

Many hotels are experiencing startup problems as a result of the global pandemic, which has left many hotels in a poor cash flow position as well as high debt. To strengthen the industry from within, it is necessary to have alternative sources of financing.

Barrows Hotel Enterprises has been involved in hotel investment and hotel development for more than 10 years. The company advises many hotel brands in the Middle East and the African continent with management advice and how to improve their position in the market.

“Strengthening the financial position is one of the most important elements. With our deep knowledge of the hotel industry, we can make a real difference and deliver a healthy future for a hotel company. If a hotel has a healthy profitable operation, it is much better than that,” said Chairman Erwin Jäger of Barrows Hotel Enterprises. Fulfills its financial obligations to investors, property owners and suppliers.

Debtors who pay late have a significant impact on a hotel’s cash flow. If a lot of money is tied up in bills, this can cause problems. With factoring, it is possible to improve the flow of income and investment again in the future. Now the impact of the global pandemic is great, but after every crisis comes better times. Even then, the need for direct access to cash will remain high. This is what makes factoring so interesting. If the hotel can obtain liquid assets more quickly, it is better to pay suppliers and investors. So the alternative sources of funding are more interesting.

“Having cash almost instantly is one of the reasons hotel entrepreneurs are investigating more factoring options. As a non-bank financier, we can also switch a lot faster thanks to our job as an investor and management consultant. We are already involved in various crossovers, which It means we can facilitate the hotel business faster,” says Erwin Jäger.

Due to its position as a hotel management consultancy, Barrows is also able to go into the acquisition process faster. We know the ins and outs of the industry and hotel in question. If the situation is weak and the entrepreneur does not qualify for an alternative source of financing, Barrows is able to quickly change the strategy and decide to buy the hotel to combine it with another hotel brand.

The company’s expansion does not come out of nowhere. Barrows has spent months preparing the company for the SPAC merger and is seeing explosive growth in revenue and profitability as it expands its business. Growth and innovation in the hotel industry will dominate the next 24 months. Barrows is not only a hotel investor and advisory firm, but also invests heavily in hotel improvements such as PIP and HIP. This includes placing a healthy cash flow that we are happy to facilitate within our “non-banking network” according to Barrows President Erwin Jager.

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