Assured Cyber Protection Joins The Leading Hotels of the World’s 2021 Annual Convention

Mitch Sher, CEO, Secured Electronic Protection

Mitch Sher, CEO of Cyber ​​Defense confirmed

Assured Cyber ​​Protection company logo

Assured Cyber ​​Protection company logo

Secured cyber protection has been selected, putting cyber security on the agenda of the 2021 Annual Conference of the World’s Leading Hotels.

LONDON, UK, November 17, 2021 / – The next generation internet technology company provides focused solutions to combat the growing cyber threats to the hospitality industry.

Lisbon, Portugal, November 18: Electronic protection confirmed® Today, it was announced that the company’s CEO, Mitchell Scheer, has been selected as a keynote speaker at the annual The Leading Hotels of the World Conference 2021. Placing cybersecurity so prominently on the conference agenda is an acknowledgment of the growing importance of this topic to the industry and its customers.

The coronavirus pandemic has posed major challenges to the hospitality industry with many hotels and restaurants closed due to lack of business. When these hospitables begin to welcome their guests again, another concern looming large is digitization. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution provides opportunities and new ways of working, it also exposes the industry to an increased risk of cyberattacks.

“Digital transformation and the imperative to meet customer needs in a rapidly changing and digitally enabled world are problems for hotels. Customers are looking for efficiency and a completely smoother guest experience. Technology has become a major business enabler, but it has exposed organizations to increasing internet risks.” Cher said. He added, “We are already working with reputable hotels to address the cyber challenges they face, and we are extremely honored to participate in the Leading Hotels of the World Conference.”

In addition to the keynote, Cher and his team will meet with representatives of individual hotels at the conference market. They will discuss how to address risks posed by the human/technology interface and how human and organizational behaviors can increase Internet risks. These sessions will use virtual reality technology to give the actors a truly immersive experience highlighting cyber risks.

“We are thrilled to welcome Secured Cyber ​​Protection to our annual conference,” said Michael Lederman, Vice President of Information Technology, The Leading Hotels of the World. “Having a cybersecurity company like ACP join us at this event highlights the growing importance of security for the hospitality industry.”

According to a recent report, commissioned by the ACP, in the past year the hospitality industry accounted for 13% of all cybersecurity incidents. With this number expected to rise, and hundreds of millions of people traveling each year, cyber safety has emerged as a major business risk for all hotels, especially those catering to customers where security is a major concern.

About secured electronic protection
Assured Cyber ​​Protection is a next-generation cybersecurity company that intelligently and securely connects people and technology to keep businesses safe, resilient and sustainable in an ever-changing landscape. ACP’s team of cybersecurity and behavior experts assess, monitor, and mitigate cyber threats and attacks and enhance top-down leadership to manage core business cyber risks posed by people, policies, processes, and technology.

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