Are New Mexico hotels ready for a busy holiday season?

Hotels hope this means more people will check in this holiday season.

“We have seen that the number of travelers has increased exponentially,” said Imesh Vidya, CEO of Premier Hospitality. As long as the airlines stay on schedule and as long as gas prices are trending lower as they are now, I think we will have a huge influx of tourists this festive season.”

Premier Hospitality oversees seven hotels in New Mexico and two in Colorado. While there is hope for more business this year, there is little concern about accommodating all the guests.

Premier Hospitality said its hotels faced a common problem across the entire industry.

“The industry itself is still struggling trying to get staff and staff so we can take care of guests,” Vidya said.

Vaidya said staffing problems have improved slightly at the end of this year, but they are still nowhere near where they want to be.

“The industry has done everything in its power to ensure the safety of the guests. In addition to providing the best service as possible. And there are many challenges at the moment, whether it is staffing or the availability of their products. So we only ask to travel the public should be considerate of the people who work,” she said. over there”.

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