2 city luxury hotels to portray Bengal’s ethnic art & craft this Christmas celebration

This Christmas, two luxury hotels in the city will focus on depicting ethnic art and crafts of Bengal using chola art, patachitra art and handloom towels before its guests and visitors.

ITC Sonar installed a shola Christmas tree in place of the traditional pine or fir, a unique fusion of traditional handcrafted shola in a contemporary design.

While ITC Royal has embraced the Bengali Christmas tree style of Bachatra art. A hotel official said this tree, painted by local artist Sumadip Roy, is a depiction of the traditional nativity scene, depicting the birth of Jesus.

“ITC Royal Bengal and ITC Sonar present ‘The Art of Celebration’ as an ode to the cultural heritage of Bengal. At ITC hotels, our WelcomArt initiative celebrates indigenous art, providing a platform for local artists. In keeping with tradition, Tijinder Singh said, ‘Christmas trees imbue modernity, while cheering cultural heritage. for the region”.

Apart from the shola Christmas tree, Snowflake ‘alpona’ adorns the floor as golden snowflake forms the star above the tree. Adding to the region’s regional flavor, wrap and decorate festive gift boxes by the tree.

The unpretentious herbaceous chola plant grows in swampy, waterlogged areas. Beneath its tough outer bark, it has a smooth, milky white inner core. Foamy, flexible, and intricately glossy, this Chola is crafted into delicate shapes, artwork, and embellishments.

Shola headwear for the couple is commonly used for adornment and embellishment, and is a mandatory component of Bengali marriage.

“This is in keeping with our responsible ethos of luxury, and is part of our initiative to help preserve the quintessential flavor of the region,” Singh said.

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